Urbanity is an apparel retailer commited to sustainability on Granville St. in Vancouver.



Nearly all clothing sold (around 98%) at Urbanity has fabric certified by some body, many located in the EU (as much of their sold clothing brands originate from there), such as Øko-Tec, EU Ecolabel, and the larger FairTrade. All fabrics are made using sustainable fabrics, such as hemp, linen, organic bamboo, silk, merino wool (only if certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, ZQ Merino Standard or similar), organic cotton or soy silk. All products are plastic-free. Many clothing items use innovative, sustainable fabrics such as Tencel. Ideas of ‘slow fashion’ are carried out to lower waste and increase quality. 




Bags are made out of fully biodegradable material, and Urbanity actively encourages customers to use reusable bags. Clothing tags in the store are made from paper. 




Urbanity is under a strict rental situation, so not much choice is available. Most soaps and cleaners are non-toxic, and not tested on animals. Rat/mouse traps are non-toxic.




Trash is separated into compost, glass recycling, plastics recycling, paper recycling, and unrecyclable trash. Nearly all other items are disposed of responsibly, such as fabric, batteries, lightbulbs, furniture, and paints. There is an encouraged clothing return program. 




Urbanity actively encourages its employees to make sustainable decisions. 


note for consumers: 


Visit this location and notice inconsistencies between these details on-site and actual business practices? Email info@motmot.ca.