Prado Cafe

Water St. Location


Prado Cafe is a mini-chain coffee shop located in Greater Vancouver. Since Motmot reviews businesses by location to ensure ratings are accurate, this is the Water St. Location. 



Prado Cafe uses locally roasted coffee beans from 49th Parallel, that are fair trade – with most beans being organic, grown in ecologically diverse habitats, and bird-friendly. There are some vegetarian options for non-coffee food offerings. 




Disregarding COVID, discounts are given to people who bring reusable cups for coffee, and reusables are allowed for food as well. Coffee cups (not lids) are made from fully compostable paper.




Prado Cafe uses programmable thermostats to reduce unnecesary use of heating or cooling. LED lights are used, and low-flow sinks are used to make sure water use is optimized. Half of all soaps, are non toxic and not tested on animals. Environmentally sensitive alternatives are used for pest control, and low-VOC paints are used. Roughly half of all appliances are EnergyStar rated. 




Prado Cafe limits the amount of food waste created. Waste is sorted into compost, paper, and plastic recycling. A variety of waste items, such as lightbulbs, batteries, e-waste, rigid plastics, and chemicals are responsibly disposed of.  




Prado Cafe regularly donates both food and money to local charities and organizations. It sometimes engages in community service. 


note for consumers: 


Visit this location and notice inconsistencies between these details on-site and actual business practices? Email info@motmot.ca.