Milano Coffee Roasters

West 8th. Location


Milano Coffee Roasters are a mini chain located in Vancouver. Since Motmot reviews businesses by location to ensure ratings are accurate, this is the West 8th location.   



Milano Coffee roasts 100% of their beans themselves. a large majority of the food offerings are vegetarian, and three quarters of all food are vegan. Most food items are sourced within BC, and many within 150 km of the location. 




Cup lids are made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), an easier-to-recycle type of plastic, and stir sticks are made from waste wood. Straws are made from biodegradable material, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Milano will let customers bring in reusable cups for coffee.




Milano Coffee rarely uses air conditioning and heating throughout the year, and HVAC filters are replaced regularly. Pipes are insulated to retain heat, and low flow sinks are used. Dimmed LED lightbulbs are used throughout the cafe. Almost all soaps and cleaners are not tested on animals and non-toxic. Around half of all appliances are EnergyStar rated, and environmentally responsible pest control is done.




Milano Coffee sustainaibly disposes of almost all types of waste, and sorts general waste into compost and paper recycling. Waste audits are done more than once a year. Milano Coffee limits the amount of food waste they create. 




Milano Coffee regularly donates both food and money to local charities and organizations. It sometimes engages in community service. Much of its staff regularly commute to work using public transit or by walking.


note for consumers: 


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