Kind Cafe


Kind Cafe is a plant-based cafe/eatery on Main St. in Vancouver



Kind is 100% vegan, and sources a high percentage of it’s ingredients within Canada, as well as roughly half of it’s vegetables within 150 kilometers of the location. In addition, all drinks are made in-house or by local businesses. 




Packaging is limited and there is a strict ban on single-use plastics. Kind is one of the few businesses that champion a BYOC (bring your own container) policy for takeout meals, and are continuing, with precautions, to do this during COVID-19.




Lights within the restaurant are LED (the most energy efficient class) and often dimmed, saving power. Air conditioning is rarely used. Low-flow sinks are used, as well as proper plumbing to insulate pipes. Many appliances are EnergyStar-rated. Most soap and cleaning products used are environmentally-friendly. Pest control is done in a responsible manner.




Kind limits waste in the first place through BYOC policies, but recycling is sorted into categories and policies are in place to minimize food waste. 




Kind donates to animal sanctuaries and to various charities that support the Downtown Eastside. 


note for consumers: 


Visit this location and notice inconsistencies between these details on-site and actual business practices? Email info@motmot.ca.