Devil May Wear

Granville Island Location


Devil May Wear is an apparel retailer commited to sustainability. Since Motmot reviews businesses on a location-by-location basis, this is the Granville Island in Vancouver.



Most clothing sold (around 80%) at Devil May Wear has fabric certified by some body, most notably GOTS and Oeko-Tex. ≈50% of fabrics are made from recycled materials, ≈80% are sourced organically (without pesticides), ≈80% incorporate innovative fabrics such as tencel. ≈80% of clothes use sustainable materials, which are defined by this list: hemp, linen, organic bamboo, silk, merino wool (only if certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, ZQ Merino Standard or similar), organic cotton or soy silk. ≈70% of clothing is plastic free, ≈80% is fair trade (certified by Oeko-Tex and Standard 100) and ≈60% of clothing is made locally (within 150km of the location). Devil May Wear incorporates ideas of ‘slow fashion’ into their business operations. 




Bags are made out of recycled paper, and Devil May Wear actively encourages customers to use reusable bags. Clothing tags in the store are made from recycled paper. 




Devil May Wear is under a strict rental situation, so not much choice is available. All lights are turned off upon closing. Most soaps and cleaners are non-toxic, and all soaps and cleaners are not tested on animals. Rat/mouse traps are not used. Low-VOC paints are used. ≈60% of appliances are EnergyStar rated, and an energy audit is done annually. 




Trash is separated into compost, glass recycling, plastics recycling, paper recycling, and unrecyclable trash. Nearly all other items are disposed of responsibly, such as fabric, batteries, lightbulbs, furniture, and paints. There is an encouraged clothing return program. A waste audit is done once a year. 




Devil May Wear is an active member of the Granville Island community, and actively encourages its employees to make sustainable decisions. All employees, for a majority of the time, commute to work using public transit, carpool, or walk/bicycle.


note for consumers: 


Visit this location and notice inconsistencies between these details on-site and actual business practices? Email info@motmot.ca.