Bandidas Taqueria


Bandidas Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant on Commercial Dr. in Vancouver. They deliver with Uber Eats, Doordash, and Skip the Dishes.



Bandidas’ meals are 100% vegetarian and all beverages are produced in-house or made locally.




All takeout and delivery packaging is biodegradable. Straws are made from fully biodegradable paper. Prior to COVID-19, Bandidas allowed customers to bring in their own containers for takeout and beverages, and they plan to continue this program once the pandemic ends.




Lights within the restaurant are LED (the most energy efficient class) and often dimmed, saving power. Motion sensors ensure that lights are not used unnecessarily.




Bandidas has methods to reduce food waste, and separate recycling into different types (glass, etc…). They sustainably dispose of items such as metals, lightbulbs, and batteries.




Bandidas regularly donates to environmental and social justice charities such as Raven Trust, Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter, and Mosaic. The majority of their staff walk or take public transit to work, and they encourage their employees to make environmentally conscious decisions. 


note for consumers: 


Visit this location and notice inconsistencies between these details on-site and actual business practices? Email info@motmot.ca.