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Kind Cafe is a 100% vegan cafe/eatery on Main St. in Vancouver. It pioneers a BYOC (bring your own container) policy and bans the use of single use plastics. Many of the ingredients used are sourced within Canada, and a large percentage of vegetables and fruits come from within 150km … read more

Bandidas Taqueria is a 100% vegetarian Mexican restaurant on Commercial Dr. in Vancouver. They deliver with Uber Eats, Doordash, and Skip the Dishes. They have biodegradable packaging, and give to several local environmental and social justice charities… read more

coffee shops

Prado Cafe

Water St. location

Prado Cafe is a mini-chain coffee shop located in Greater Vancouver. Since Motmot reviews businesses by location to ensure ratings are accurate, this is the Water St. Location. Prado Cafe uses locally roasted coffee beans from 49th Parallel, that are fair trade, organic, and grown in ecologically diverse habitats… read more

Milano Coffee Roasters

West 8th Location

Milano Coffee Roasters roasts 100% of their beans in-cafe, letting them control the quality themselves. Their non-coffee food offerings are mostly vegan. They regularly donate food and money to local organizations, and sometimes engage in community service… read more

Ethical Bean is a coffee roastery and cafe located on Kootenay St. in Vancouver. All of their beans are Canadian fair trade certified, and most of their coffee is grown in shade grown, organic plantations. They have donation partnerships with ChildAid, and offer a free coffee for bikers program… read more

Coffee Roasters Modus are a cafe and roastery on W Broadway in Vancouver. They have initiatives to sustainably source coffee. They regularly donate to a variety of organizations, such as the NAACP, Hogan’s Alley Organization, and others. All non-coffee food offerings are locally sourced… read more


Urbanity is a sustainable clothing retailer on Granville St. in Vancouver. They prioritize organic and eco-friendly fabrics sourced from high quality brands, many from Europe – many of which are fair trade. Their clothing is plastic free, and they offer a clothing return program…  read more

Blue Sky Clothing

Lonsdale Ave. location

Blue Sky Clothing Co. is a clothing retailer based in Vancouver. Since Motmot reviews businesses on a location-by-location basis, this is the Lonsdale Ave. location in North Vancouver. Blue Sky Clothing Co uses organic materials, most of which are fair trade, and regularly donates a portion of profits to local charities… read more

Devil May Wear  

Granville Island location

Devil May Wear is a clothing retailer based in Vancouver. Since Motmot reviews businesses on a location-by-location basis, this is the Granville Island location. Devil May wear is dedicated to sustainability, sourcing most of their fabrics organically and fair trade, as well as many… read more